Drinks, Relaxation, Car Wash?! Yes Please!

You may associate car washes with long lines, uncomfortable seating, and distasteful instant pot coffee. Also known as, an all around inconvenience. However, not all car washes are created equal. In fact, they are a whole hell of a lot more fun than the ones you might be used to. It turns out that car washes, like most dreaded chores and responsibilities, are simply better with booze. Fortunately for residents in Plano, Tommy Terrific’s Car Wash has your back. 

The Only Car Wash in Plano You Can Drink At

We’ve come along way from the manual assembly lines and motorist cleaning pools of the 1920’s. At Tommy Terrific’s Car Wash in Plano, Texas, any wash that includes the vehicle’s interior comes with a complimentary beer or wine. Beginning at a $27 “full-service” experience. Don’t worry if you’re not big on cocktails. Other amenities include coffee from Ascension Coffee Roasters and sodas from Oak Cliff Beverage Works. All local and loved brands right in the heart of Texas. 

Exceptional Service, Superior Technology

Tom Miller, the president of The Car Wash Cos, calls Tommy Terrific’s a “luxury car wash that isn’t outrageously expensive”. The car wash has been around since 2004. Although, the location in Plano is the first of the chain’s to make a statement in amenity-driven services.  

When it comes to technology, Tommy Terrific’s is hard to beat. 90-by-15 foot conveyor belts move luxury vehicles at a slow and thorough pace along the assembly. Indeed, the amount of care and attention to detail is the first of its kind in Texas. The assiduousness is apparent. From designer trash cans to the Dallas’ Cameron Smith commissioned art pieces hanging elegantly on the walls. All complemented by the establishment’s welcoming and modern aesthetic. 

Alcohol Selection

When it comes to beer selection, the car wash has covered all macro-lover’s bases; from Miller Lite and Bud Light to Red Stripe and Dos Equis. Although the car wash may not be a haven for craft beer connoisseurs, they also feature local favorites from Rahr & Sons and Lakewood Brewing. The establishment also boasts various bottles of up-and-coming wines emerging in the industry. The current selection is based on what they are “digging at the moment”. When you visit this boozy car wash in Texas, you are sure to find something for everyone. 

It’s safe to say that Tommy Terrific’s is not your average car wash in Plano, Texas. The brand is truly committed to treating you as well as your car. At the end of the day, Tom Miller says that his goal is to “create an environment that is totally unexpected”. And we’re here for it!

The Best Car Wash in Plano, Texas

 While it's nice to know we are treating your vehicle well, we think it's also important to treat yourself well. Let us change the way you think about a quality car wash. Come grab a drink with us today!

Liz Thorp